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Delivery exceptions: What does delivery exception mean and how to avoid it?

One of the most important factors in e-commerce is accurate delivery. Doing your best to meet your customers' expectations and ensure on-time delivery is more important than ever as the ecommerce market innovates by the minute. But no matter how much time and effort you put into your logistics strategy,Delivery Exceptionswill inevitably happen. Unexpected delays that cause thisDelivery exceptionNot only does this disrupt your fulfillment operations, but it can also lead to a significant drop in customer trust and loyalty. Delivery exceptions occur when a specific shipment encounters an unexpected event, causing the delivery date and delivery history to change. It's important to learn themImportance of Delivery Exceptionwhy they can occur and how to deal with them to ensure a smooth delivery process.

In our guide to delivery exceptions, we'll help you understand:

  1. What is a delivery exception?
  2. Why are delivery exceptions important?
  3. What are the causes of delivery exceptions?
  4. FedEx Delivery Exceptions
  5. Exceptions to UPS Delivery
  6. USPS Delivery Exceptions
  7. Handling and Avoiding Delivery Exceptions

What is a delivery exception?

Thenwhat is a delivery exceptionbegin? A delivery exception occurs when an e-commerce package is temporarily delayed in transit. When a delivery exception occurs, it doesn't always mean that the customer's package is delayed or canceled. At this point, the customer and the company are aware that an issue may have arisen during the packaging process, which has led to an intervention in the shipping process. Even with the most complex and robust ecommerce system, myriad things can go wrong, forcing companies to create a plan B for those unexpected and unavoidable pain points. Delivery exceptions must be treated with caution as they ultimately directly impact customer satisfaction. Now that you have the answer to the question "what does delivery exception mean', you're ready to dive into the good stuff and master the techniques to handle delivery exceptions gracefully.

Why are delivery exceptions important?

Delivery exceptions are a source of frustration for sellers and customers alike, although most of them are unintentional and often unavoidable. A delivery exception usually occurs while the package is in transit. also the most reliableEcommerce Order Tracking Systemswill inevitably encounter delivery exceptions at some point. This can result in undelivered or late orders, leading to angry and dissatisfied customers. A company needs to be prepared for such occurrences and have a solid system in place to handle the delivery exception process.

What are the causes of delivery exceptions?

There are several reasons that can lead to delivery exceptions. The most common are the following:

Insufficient documentation:If your package does not contain all the information it needs to reach its destination, delivery exceptions may occur due to insufficient data. While local and overland freight companies are less likely to encounter this type of delivery exception, ocean freight is a type of logistics that requires multiple documents for the company to manage custody and inventory. Errors that can occur due to missing documentation can also arise when the packaging label does not have the appropriate barcode on the box.

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Damaged, illegible or missing labels:Talk aboutshipping labels, these are the most important parts of your package that help your order reach its destination on time. If the shipping labels are missing certain information needed for a flawless shipment, the carrier will verify the address while the shipment is inevitably put on hold. Entering the zip code incorrectly or forgetting to enter certain address details can result in unwanted delays or, in some cases, even parcel returns.

Official holidays:Airlines are known to not operate on federal and other official holidays. Care should be taken not to post any urgent shipment on these local days and holidays which may occur in foreign shipments in other countries.

Receiver not available:Sometimes some packages require a signature or can only be delivered to the recipient himself. In these cases, if no one is home to collect the order, the carrier will return the order to the fulfillment center. While some carriers will return the package to the seller immediately, some may choose to attempt redelivery to the recipient the next day. He will inform both parties about the process so that the customer knows that he must be present during the delivery.

Bad weather options:Weather conditions are also a common cause that can lead to unwanted delivery exceptions. A variety of conditions can cause transportation delays, including impassable stretches of highway, rain and hail, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and so on.

Customs Delays:Various delivery exceptions may occur during international shipping due to specific regulations and rules of customs. Port delays, missing papers, package checks and wrong traffic codes are the most commonDelivery Exception CausesYou can be sure that your packages will be found at customs control.

FedEx Delivery Exceptions

Exception for FedEx deliverys may occur due to holiday breaks, faulty documentation, recipient absences, or certain custom delays. WithException for FedEx shippingYou may also receive a notification with the PMX code, which means that the delivery could not be made using the carrier's usual route. FedEx normally tries to deliver next day.

Exceptions to UPS Delivery

If a package or shipment encounters an unforeseen event, aException for UPS deliveryoccur, which may lead to a change in the estimated delivery date. Unknown address, damaged shipment, and missing signature are the most common mishaps you may encounter with UPS delivery exceptions. If you log into your account or try to track your order, you will see a UPS exception notice.

USPS Delivery Exceptions

Incorrect recipient addresses and public holidays are the most common causes ofUSPS Delivery Exceptions. In such cases, you will see an exception notice when tracking your package.

Here's a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses ofUSPSand DHL shipping services for e-commerce and 3PL businesses.

Handling and Avoiding Delivery Exceptions

Delivery exceptions are a part of the logistical process that neither the customer nor the company can control most of the time. However, there are certain precautions and steps you can take if you encounter delivery exceptions.

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  1. Contact the carrier immediately.

Locate the package's tracking number on the carrier's website to determine the location of the package and the reason for the delivery exception. Check if the problem can be solved on your end and make sure you are willing to provide the correct information on the phone. This can help the shipment get back on track and reach the recipient with minimal delay.

2. Contact the customer.

After you've verified the cause of the delivery exception, contact your customer immediately and provide the re-estimated delivery date to regain their trust and ensure everything is on track. If information is missing from the customer, they can also help you fill in the blanks with the correct data and get the order going again. This also shows your customer base that you are aware of the situation and are taking the necessary precautions to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. To turn customer service nightmares into opportunities to win loyal, trusted customers, choose to communicate honestly and consistently throughout the process.

3. Resend the package and issue a refund if necessary.

If the package doesn't reach the recipient at the specified location soon and there isn't an easy solution to resolve the delivery exception, be sure to offer your customer an opportunity to receive a refund or try an alternate delivery. If the carrier lost the package or there is an indefinite time to deliver the package, this may be your only choice.Delivery exception shipmentit's a complicated process. Online businesses need to fulfill customer and carrier requests at the same time, so choose wisely.

Follow the labeling of your carrier andPackagingAccurate instructions, being accurate about package weight and size, using weather-resistant labels, and making sure your shipping address is correct are other important steps you must take to minimize and completely avoid damage from shipping exceptions. Providing your customer with the tracking number as soon as the delivery is on the way can also ensure that the process is under control. You must be present at the specified date and time to safely receive the package. Don't forget that these strategies will help you minimize the risks that come with delivery exceptions and put causes like inclement weather and natural disasters completely out of your hands.

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frequently asked questions

What does the Delivery Exception status mean?

Exception status means that an unexpected event prevented delivery of your package. In this case, the next best course of action is to contact the carrier or freight company directly.

What Causes a Delivery Exception?

An exception is any event or situation that results in the delivery of a shipment being postponed. Exceptions such as incorrect address can occur for various reasons and are described in the detailed shipping information.

What does "Exceptional Parcel Handling at Sorting Center" mean?

This means your order is in the center to sort packages based on where they are going to be delivered next. This is the point that carries out the last mile delivery of your items.

How should you deal with a delivery exception?

The first step is to find out where the package is located. Contact the distributor you are working with as soon as possible to find out what the problem is. In addition, you must immediately contact the affected customer (address, etc.) in order to rectify the problem. Even if there is no delay for the customer, it is important that you update your customer on the progress of the situation.
If the product has not been delivered to the customer and returned to your warehouse, inform your customer of the situation and help them with the return/return. Depending on how well you handle the situation, you can influence whether or not they will buy from you again!


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