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How to become a private investigator in Florida

Are you tired of your job? Tired of doing the same thing every day? Inflexible hours? A boss who just won't let go of your tail? Do you want to start a new career? One that is exciting, pays well, offers flexibility in hours, responsibilities, and can lead to different experiences every day? A career where YOU are your own boss?

Well look no further than the field of Private Investigations. The field of Private Investigations is expected to grow at a rate of 5% or more in the coming years. With advances in technology and investigative concepts, why not get in line now to be a private investigator and begin to realize the benefits inherent in this exciting career?

If becoming a private investigator in Florida is really a field that might interest you, you should start by asking a few questions.

What are the requirements to become an IP in Florida?

What are the best courses and classes I can take to become a PI?

Are there fees associated with being a PI?

Do my personality traits meet the needs of being a PI?

Do I need to have a sponsor to become an PI?

Florida Private Investigator License Requirements

Before becoming a private investigator, you need to understand that you need a license. There are basically 2 types of intellectual property licenses in Florida.

CC License: The first level of license you need to secure is the CC license. It is the easier of the two and is the basis for purchasing the C license.

An applicant for a Class CC license must be sponsored by a Class C, M, or MA licensee. A Letter of Intent to Sponsor a Trainee Private Investigator (form FDACS-16026) must be submitted with the state application.

In addition to the Sponsor's Letter of Intent, the applicant for a CC license must also provide proof of successful completion of a minimum of 40 hours of professional training related to general investigative techniques and Chapter 493, Florida Statutes. This training must have been provided by a school, under the authority of the Department of Education.

C License: The C License is the next license level that a PI can choose to purchase. The type of requirements needed to apply for a C license include real-life work experience as well as testing.

A candidate must have two years of full-time, verifiable, legally acquired experience to qualify for the license. The candidate can obtain this experience in several ways: * Real research experience. * College coursework in a related field. * An internship under the following three categories established in the statutes: (a) Private investigation work or related areas of work that provide equivalent experience or training.

(b) College courses related to the following areas: criminal justice, criminology, or law enforcement administration, or successful completion of any law enforcement-related training received from any federal, state, county, or local agency. If you use a combination of these criteria, please note that no more than 1 year can be used in this category.

(c) Work as an intern with a Class “CC” license. This internship is conducted at a licensed private investigation agency.

Each candidate must pass an exam that will cover those parts of Florida law that deal directly with the business practices of the private investigation industry and the legal responsibilities of individuals and agencies working in that industry.

But let's focus here on the CC license. This is for beginners and is the basis for purchasing the C license later. That was how I started my career.

I'll walk you through the steps to get your CC license fast and also how to save some money on fees and the 40 hour course.

How to Get Your Florida Private Investigator License Fast

Steps to obtain your CC license

  • find a sponsor
  • Take a 40h course to obtain your certificate
  • Get the Letter of Intent from your Sponsor
  • Take your fingerprints and two passport photos
  • Complete and submit your DACS application in person

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing, licenses and regulates the private investigation industry in Florida.

The first step you should take is to find a sponsor.

How to Find a Sponsor for a Florida Private Investigator License

The research required to find a Sponsor for your CC License application is similar to what you would use to find a new job. One of the most popular ways to find a job is by word of mouth, or "who do you know." The same goes for seeking sponsorship for your CC license. Start checking your friends, family, contacts, and other personal acquaintances you have. This will usually lead you to a "friend of a friend" or someone "you know someone" who already has the necessary class C, MA or M license to sponsor you. With the right approach, resume, background, and initiative, this contact could be just what you need to win your sponsorship.

A second way to find someone to sponsor you is by searching online job posting sites. Sites like,,, or are some of the top "job search" sites and as such have many private investigation related jobs posted on each of them. Start looking for those jobs and contact the hiring managers at those specific locations to determine if they are willing to sponsor applicants and determine the best person to send your cover letter and resume to.

Remember, only a Class "C", Class "MA" or Class "M" licensee can sponsor a Class "CC" Trainee Private Investigator, so be sure that whichever method you use will determine this state. You don't want to waste time researching something that won't lead you to your goal of becoming an Investigator.

The mediaThe hourly rate to start as a CC licensed PI is $15 - $20.

Private Investigator LicenseCourses in Florida

The next step would be to take the 40h course and pass the exam. Once approved, you will receive a certificate that you can present to your sponsor to begin the application process.

There are several amazing online schools on the market. Especially relevant to me when I started out was saving some money. Course fees range from $450 to $650 depending on the school.

My friend and colleague John, who is a licensed IP, offers a simple but effective 40 hour online course approved under the umbrella of the Department of Education. Basically, after registering, he will be directed to the course that he will take online. He will watch videos that will cover all the topics relevant to passing the exam. I took your course when I started and it was the best and cheapest course I found on the market. Above all, I passed the exam for the first time. His course is $419, but I can give you another $10 off.

Sign up below to receive this limited offer and start your new career as a Florida private investigator today:

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Florida Private Investigator CC License Application

You finally got your sponsor, passed the exam and received your certificate from John for your 40 hour course. You are ready for the next level.

Download your application by clicking here:

Florida Private Investigator License Class CC Application

Please fill out the form carefully, get 2 passport photos and your fingerprints taken by the local police station. (I prefer fingerprint card)

Once all of your documents are complete, go to your local Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (type google maps Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services plus your county) and submit your documents in person. The officer will ensure that your application is complete and submit it to DACS headquarters. This will speed up the process by at least 3 weeks and you will get a temporary license immediately. This means you can start working right away!

Equipment you need to start your career as a PI

Laptoppluscar laptop holder

Camcorder with high zoom and night vision

surveillance binoculars

Discreet vehicle with tinted windows

phone andcar phone power cable

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: contactspynerd(at)!

I hope this has been helpful.

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