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Autodesk Braves Change and Continued Headwinds; Keep the fair value estimate
von Julie Bhusal Sharma | Morningstar Research Services LLC | 24-2-23

Autodesk released fourth quarter 2023 financial results that were broadly in line with our expectations. Although results fell short of full-year targets due to ongoing macroeconomic headwinds, we are impressed with the company's resilience to date and expect solid market demand to prevail over the medium term. Management's guidance was milder as it expects negative currency effects to further pressure profits and reduce overall sales as customers move from multi-year to annual contracts. We maintain our fair value estimate of $230 and see headwinds as temporary for this high quality stock. We see the stock as slightly undervalued with a minus of 3% in after-hours trading.

Fourth-quarter revenue rose 9% year over year to $1.318 billion, led by strength in the architecture, engineering and construction segment as customers seek to connect digital workflows in the cloud. Revenue rose an impressive 28% to $2.12 billion, helped in part by continued solid demand and the pending elimination of multi-year contract discounts. Autodesk plans to double the transition to annual multi-year contract terms in fiscal 2024, which will result in a revenue decline and an eventual reduction in free cash flow margin of about 41%. We view this transition as positive for Autodesk and believe that increasing customer adoption will give the company better opportunities to upsell. With the company's excellent net income retention rate ranging from 100% to 110%, we see little impediment to long-term success.

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Despite the headwinds, Autodesk reported solid profitability with a non-GAAP operating margin of 36%, up 100 basis points year over year. Non-GAAP EPS was $1.86, just above management's guidance of $1.77 to $1.83.

Increase in booking demand in 2023 as platform improvements continue to strengthen the network
by Dan Wasiolek | Morningstar Research Services LLC | 24-2-23

We do not intend to significantly change Booking's fair value estimate of $3,050 as stronger near-term revenue growth is offset by higher spending in our 10-year guidance. We reiterate that the Booking network (source of its narrow moat) is strengthening and that the shares offer investors an attractive entry point.

The company continues to see strong demand with bookings of $27.3 billion in the fourth quarter, ahead of our prepress forecast of $25.5 billion. Bookings represented 44% year-over-year growth (58% at constant currencies), or 132% of 2019 levels, versus 127% last quarter. We believe Booking continues to benefit from prudent improvements to the platform, such as adding flights to more countries to its network (fare growth was 62% in the quarter) and adding payment features, which accounted for 45% of reservations processed versus 30% each Year. a year ago. Additionally, we believe the core lodging business continues to perform well, evidenced by a 40% growth in room rates, reaching 110% of 2019 levels, versus 108% in the last quarter. Overall, the network is resonating with users based on the increase in direct traffic mix compared to last year and compared to 2019 (unquantified). As a result, Booking expects further demand growth in 2023, and we expect to raise our revenue guidance to around 15% from a 12% increase last year.

Operating margins (excluding the restructuring benefit) were 28.7%, beating our estimate of 28% and 22.9% last year, respectively, due in part to lower than expected marketing spend. We still expect margins to increase to around 30% in 2023, but we plan to reduce our number from previously 37% to around 36% by the end of the decade, or roughly back to 2019 levels, but we're coming We decide to follow management's comments that margins will remain below 2019 levels, in part due to a mix shift towards flights and payments and investments in merchandising.

We like eBay's turnaround narrative, but weak margin guidance justifies a negative earnings reaction
von Sean Dunlop, CFA | Morningstar Research Services LLC | 23-02-23

Narrow-ditch Ebay reported solid fourth-quarter results with revenue of $2.51 billion and adjusted earnings per share of $1.07, beating our estimates of $2.45 billion and 1 surpassed $.03. in after-hours trading. We consider the market reaction reasonable and expect to reduce our own fair value estimate of $60 by a mid-single-digit percentage as we process the results.

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Specifically, management has revealed a desire to invest in the launch of an international remittance program, which we have little expectation of paying off in the short term. While we recognize the benefits of reducing churn for buyers - with similar programs underpinning strong GMV growth moves at other online retailers - given a challenging economic backdrop and medium-term international sales growth, the timing of the investment strikes us as curious, seems inadequate around offset the gross margin of approximately 120 basis points that the company expects for the program. Coupled with a 1% decline in notional sales, acquisition costs, and targeted investments in focused categories, we expect to cut our 2023 adjusted EPS guidance for the year by nearly a fifth -- from $4.20 to $3.45.

On a positive note, the company's focus category strategy continues to bear fruit, with these industries outperforming the rest of the market by 7 percentage points versus 5 in the previous quarter. In our view, the company's recent wave of acquisitions appears to support its emphasis on core categories and the 16 million avid buyers (representing 70% of platform spend) that the strategy serves, which we think bodes well for the continued trend reversal in the core market. To that end, since the comparable pre-pandemic period, the U.S. market has seen annualized platform sales growth of 3.8%, a healthy 0.9% increase between 2015 and 2019, data we believe to have come from the The company's struggles abroad are overshadowed.

Netflix is ​​quietly cutting prices in over 100 markets; Driven by strong dollar and price competition
von Neil Macker, CFA | Morningstar Research Services LLC | 23-02-23

Effective February 23, Netflix has reduced prices in more than 100 countries and territories, according to Ampere Analysis. The magnitude of the price drop varied by market as well as by plan, with the base plan seeing the largest drops, from 20% to nearly 60%. The affected areas are spread all over the world and are mostly emerging countries. However, Netflix hasn't made any changes in some of the biggest emerging markets like India, Brazil, and Mexico. We're sticking to our fair value estimate of $315 because we've long believed that Netflix would need to lower prices outside of the US and Western Europe to remain competitive.

Most countries with now lower prices do not have localized prices but instead have prices in US dollars - Ampere only identified 10 markets with prices in local currency (Ecuador, Croatia, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam) . . As such, we view most price changes as an attempt to offset the impact of the strong dollar.

We also believe that the current or expected level of competition from much cheaper services has played an important role in these changes - and probably the dominant role in local pricing markets. For example, Disney+ Hotstar serves three out of five Asian countries at local prices, and the service is expected to launch in a fourth (Vietnam) this year. The Philippines, the fifth, is served by Disney+.

Even compared to the reduced price, Disney platforms still have a significant price advantage. In Indonesia, Hotstar costs IDR 39,000 per month or IDR 199,000 annually, compared to Netflix's updated monthly price of IDR 65,000 (Basic), IDR 120,000 (Standard), IDR 186,000 (Premium) and IDR 54,000 (Mobile). The much more limited Netflix mobile plan costs 38% more than the Hotstar monthly plan. While the lowered prices will help improve Netflix's competitiveness, the company may have to cut prices again if Disney continues to keep its prices aggressively low.

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Solid growth and margin growth is expected to continue at WPP into 2023; undervalued stock
von Ali Mogharabi | Morningstar Research Services LLC | 24-2-23

WPP finished another strong year, and while the stock is up 28% year-to-date, we believe it remains the most attractive of the big advertising holdings, trading at just 0.78 times our estimated value with a dividend yield of 3.8% becomes. . While adspend could fall due to a possible economic slowdown in the first half of this year, we believe the company can meet its guidance for organic growth and adjusted margin expansion for 2023. Recent client wins, differentiation on the creative front, investments in technology and data analytics, and a reorganization that streamlined operations position WPP well to accelerate revenue growth and build operational leverage.

Fourth-quarter net income grew 6.4% organically year over year. The large markets of North America and Europe performed well with organic growth of 3.5% in the US, 12% in the UK and 4.9% in Germany. In China, weakness continued as organic net income fell 8.4%; with the country relaxing COVID-19 guidelines, we expect some improvement later this year. Demand for media and creativity remained strong, driving 6.6% organic revenue growth for the global integrated agencies segment in the fourth quarter. The public relations and specialist agencies segments also recorded organic growth of 6.5% and 4.4%, respectively.

WPP's net account earnings in 2022 represented gross ad spend of nearly $6 billion, boding well for growth in 2023. However, while the company gained big accounts like Verizon and held onto Sony PlayStation and Mars Wrigley, it also lost sizeable accounts like L'Oreal and Pepsi (likely due to Coca-Cola's big global win in 2021).

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Disclosure: The commentary, analysis, references and performance information contained in Morningstar® StockInvestorSMUnless otherwise noted, reflects portfolios owned by Morningstar, Inc. invested under the Tortoise and Hare strategies managed by Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. References to "Morningstar" refer to Morningstar, Inc. and/or its affiliates, as applicable.

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Common stocks are typically subject to greater fluctuations in market value than other asset classes due to factors such as the company's business performance, investor perceptions, stock market trends and general economic conditions.

All Morningstar equity analyst notes are published by Morningstar, Inc. The weekly summary contains all analyst notes regarding holdings in Morningstar, Inc.'s Tortoise and Hare portfolios. Morningstar analysts are employees of Morningstar, Inc. or its subsidiaries. In the United States, this subsidiary is Morningstar Research Services LLC, registered and administered by the United States. Securities and Exchange Commission.

David Harrell may own interests in the Tortoise and Hare portfolios in his personal accounts.


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Sign up for the free monthly training sessions or browse the “Help & Education” tab to choose from 100 courses on stocks, funds, and portfolio building. Each course can be completed in about 10 minutes and includes a quiz at the end. Click here to watch a brief tutorial – or access Morningstar directly now.

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The bottom line: Morningstar Investor offers retail investors access to trusted research, analysis and portfolio-building tools for $249 per year ($199 for NerdWallet readers). A free 7-day trial allows potential customers to preview the service. Paid subscription thereafter, see for details.

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Morningstar StockInvestor is intended for self-directed investors who have not hired an investment adviser to provide advisory services and do not reflect the deduction of any advisory fees.

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Is Morningstar Premium Worth It in 2023? The Bottom Line: If you like its portfolio insight tools and enjoy in-depth, objective analysis, a subscription to Morningstar Premium is an excellent investment.

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Subscriptions to Investor are available at the following term lengths and prices: $34.95 for monthly, $249 for annual (save 41% over a monthly plan). Don't have a subscription? Start Your Free 7-day Trial.

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What's the difference between Morningstar Basic and Morningstar Premium? The core difference between a Basic & Premium membership is access to independently researched analyst reports and ratings. Learn more here.

Which website has most accurate stock predictions? ›

Zacks has built a reputation as a reliable source of stock data for investors looking for a stock picking edge, Zacks' free stock screener has almost everything investors need to make well-timed and informed stock picks. That's why Zacks is our choice as the best free option for a stock screener.

Which is better Zacks or Morningstar? ›

Zacks is much more quantitative in nature, while Morningstar uses fundamental analysis as a larger part of its recommendations. Morningstar appears to base its recommendations on an unbiased scale, while the Zacks Investment Research rating system is based solely on giving its members the most potential for profit.

Can Morningstar be trusted? ›

Morningstar is a highly regarded mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) rating agency. The agency's research is used by many big names in the financial sector, including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Who is Morningstar owned by? ›

Morningstar Farms (stylized as MorningStar Farms) is a division of the Kellogg Company that produces vegan and vegetarian food. Many of their offerings are plant-based variations of traditionally meat products.
Morningstar Farms.
2 more rows

Can you trust Morningstar ratings? ›

In simple terms, the Morningstar ratings system is a tool investors can use to compare mutual funds and ETFs. And if you're wondering whether Morningstar ratings are legitimate, the answer is yes. Even FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, using Morningstar ratings in its Market Data Center .

Do Morningstar 5-Star stocks Outperform? ›

Similar to its ratings of mutual funds, the Morningstar rating for stocks assigns each stock a rating of from one to five stars. A stock's rating is driven by its level of expected return, with 5-star stocks being those expected to offer investors returns well above a company's cost of capital.

What is Morningstar 5-star price? ›

A stock with a 5-star rating is one whose market price is well below the fair value estimate after being adjusted, and a 1-star stock is one whose stock price is far higher than the adjusted fair value estimate. A 3-star stock is one that's about fairly valued.

Who are competitors to Morningstar? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Morningstar Direct
  • Seeking Alpha.
  • Bloomberg Terminal.
  • AlphaSense.
  • eMoney.
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  • Riskalyze.
  • S&P Capital IQ Pro.

Is Morningstar a fiduciary? ›

We offer a spectrum of fiduciary support through Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.

Is it easy to cancel Morningstar subscription? ›

You can cancel your Investor (legacy Premium) subscription by visiting My Account, and clicking on Cancel Subscription. Follow onscreen instructions to complete the process. You will still have access to your account until your current invoice term expires.

Are Morningstar returns after fees? ›

Unless marked as load-adjusted total returns, Morningstar does not adjust total return for sales charges or for redemption fees. Total returns do account for management, administrative, and 12b-1 fees and other costs automatically deducted from fund assets. See also Trailing Return.

What are 5-star Morningstar stocks? ›

A 5-star rating means the stock is undervalued and trading at an attractive discount relative to its fair value estimate. To unlock pre-built screens curated by our seasoned analysts, subscribe to Morningstar Investor.

Does Schwab use Morningstar? ›

Schwab Institutional has established a relationship with Morningstar Investment Services enabling the firm to have portfolio management services available on an enhanced managed account services platform run by the wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar Inc.

Does Fidelity have Morningstar? ›

Morningstar is an independent organization and is not affiliated with Fidelity Investments.

Who is the most reliable stock analyst? ›

Out of more than 7,600 total analysts in the TipRanks database, Needham analyst Quinn Bolton is rated No. 1 based on his stock picking track record. Bolton has an impressive 80% success rate on his stock ratings, and his 434 stock picks have generated an average annual return of 50%.

Who has the best free stock trading advice? ›


Motley Fool — Founded in 1993, The Motley Fool is an investment education website that provides a variety of free and paid content. Its primary service is the Motley Fool Stock Advisor, which provides stock picks. According to the company's website, Stock Advisor has 4X'ed the S&P 500 over the past two decades.

What is the most used stock website? ›

Yahoo! Finance is the most popular finance website in the US with 70 unique million users visiting it every month.

How much does Zacks cost per month? ›

Subscription: $59/month or $495/year. Our unique Zacks Ultimate program gives you full 30-day access to Zacks' market insights and the most private picks from ALL of our portfolio recommendation services for only $1.

What are Zacks rank 1 stocks? ›

The Zacks #1 Rank List is the best place to start your stock search each morning. It's made up of the top 5% of stocks with the most potential. Each weekday, you can quickly see the Zacks #1 Rank Top Movers from Value to Growth, Momentum and Income, even VGM Score.

What website do stock traders use? ›

In our 2023 Stockbroker Review, we found the five best platforms for day trading were Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, tastyworks, TradeStation, and Fidelity.

What is Morningstar risk? ›

Morningstar Risk is an annualized measure of a fund's downside return volatility, or how often the fund has dipped below its average returns over a period.

Is Morningstar an ethical company? ›

Morningstar is committed to protecting human rights in all aspects of our business and to providing an equitable and ethical workplace. Our goal is to provide a workplace where every employee feels respected, valued, and comfortable.

Does Vanguard use Morningstar? ›

Key Takeaways. Vanguard offers a wide range of diverse ETFs and mutual funds. Morningstar gives many of Vanguard's funds a five-star rating—the highest rating possible from Morningstar's rating system.

What does Morningstar stand for? ›

Morning star, most commonly used as a name for the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise. See also Venus in culture.

Where is Morningstar headquarters located? ›

Morningstar, Inc. is an American financial services firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and was founded by Joe Mansueto in 1984.

Does Sam's Club sell Morningstar? ›

MorningStar Farms® Garden Veggie Patties contain 3.5g total fat per serving (67g). This product is covered by the Sam's Club Member Satisfaction Guarantee. "Membership is required to complete an in-club or curbside pickup purchase at Sam's Club."

Is a Morningstar rating of 4 good? ›

The Morningstar risk rating is a ranking given by research firm Morningstar to publicly traded mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). A score of 5 is given to the best risk performers, with a 1 to the worst. Morningstar ratings are based on the fund's historical performance compared to other like funds.

Is a 3 star Morningstar rating good? ›

A 3-star rating means the stock is fairly valued and trading at or close to its fair value estimate.

What is Morningstar 5-star stock performance? ›

A 5-star rating means the stock is trading meaningfully below fair value. Morningstar's rating system also factors in an uncertainty adjustment (known as the Fair Value Uncertainty rating).

What is the best Morningstar Rating? ›

Best Index Funds to Buy in 2023

A good place to start your search for top index exchange-traded funds and mutual funds is with the Morningstar Analyst Rating. Funds that earn our highest rating—Gold—are those that we think are most likely to outperform over a full market cycle.

What is the top Morningstar Rating? ›

Funds whose risk-adjusted returns fall within the top 10% relative to category peers receive a 5-star rating.

How does Morningstar compare to ETF? ›

Scroll to the Tools section on the right side and click Fund Compare. To compare funds: In “Enter ticker” box, type the tickers you wish to compare and then click “Add to List” button. Once you see the tickers added to the list, click Show Comparison.

How do you get free Morningstar ratings? ›

Star ratings are calculated at the end of every month. You can search for a fund to see its most recent star rating for free on

What does Morningstar Gold rating mean? ›

If a fund receives a positive rating of Gold, Silver, or Bronze, it means Morningstar analysts think highly of the fund and expect it to outperform over a full market cycle of at least five years. The Analyst Rating is not a market call, and it is not meant to replace investors' due-diligence process.

Where does Morningstar get their data? ›

We collect most of our data from original source documents that are publicly available, such as regulatory filings and fund company documents.

Is Morningstar a hedge fund? ›

The index is a rules-based, asset-weighted index designed to capture the performance and behavior of the most investable hedge funds.

How are Morningstar ratings? ›

Star ratings are graded on a curve; the top 10% of funds receive five stars, the next 22.5% receive four stars, the middle 35% receive three stars, the next 22.5% receive two stars and the bottom 10% get one star. Morningstar doesn't offer an abstract rating for any fund; everything is relative and risk-adjusted.

Is Morningstar instant XRAY free? ›

This is a great feature, and is available with a paid membership. Morningstar does offer a 14-day free trial of its premium service, so you can sign up now and check out this additional information.

How do you access Morningstar? ›

Nov 6, 2020•Knowledge
  1. Type the name or ticker of the investment in the search field at the top of the window. Suggestions appear.
  2. From the SECURITIES area, click the name of the investment. The Morningstar Report opens. Here you'll be able to access the most current analyst research, if available.
Nov 6, 2020

How do I access Morningstar Direct? ›

Open a web browser, and go to 2. Log in using the same credentials you use to login to the desktop version of the application.

Where can I get Morningstar? ›

This weapon can be found in a chest at the back of the abandoned carriage on the road through the Weeping Peninsula in South Limgrave, just south of the Bridge of Sacrifice.

What is the best stock portfolio tracker? ›

Quick Look - Best Stock Portfolio Trackers
  • Best for International Investors: Sharesight.
  • Best for Portfolio Tracking: Kubera.
  • Best for Long Term Investors: Magnifi.
  • Best for All-in-One Investment Information: InvestorsObserver.
  • Best for High Net Worth Individuals: Personal Capital.

Is Morningstar Basic membership free? ›

Morningstar offers two different membership packages. The basic package is free and only requires users to register through its website. Basic membership includes financial data access, the ability to connect your portfolio to Morningstar research, in addition to access to its article archive and their forums.

How do I see all my investments in one place? ›

How to keep track of your investments online? Are there any apps for tracking your portfolio?
  1. Money Control. Money Control is a financial portal owned by TV18. ...
  2. ET Money. ETMoney is an investment and spending tracker. ...
  3. INDmoney. ...
  4. TickerTape. ...
  5. Kuvera. ...
  6. Portfolio Tracker – Wealthy. ...
  7. Google Sheets. ...
  8. Microsoft Excel.
Apr 12, 2022


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