Genshin Impact: How To Unlock All New Weapons Made By Sumeru (2023)

Version 3.0 ofImpacto Genshinis here and used it to buy some newly made weapons. InImpacto GenshinCrafted Weapons are items that you can craft at the Blacksmith once you have acquired the required blueprint. Previous weapons have included the Prototype series, Whiteblind, Iron Sting, and more.

Now Sumeru has its own set of handcrafted weapons. All of these weapons are based on the tropical jungle that surrounds much of Sumeru's landscape. They all have abilities that go very well with Dendro characters (with a heavy focus on Elemental Mastery). Previously, many craftable weapons could be obtained through quests, such as B. the Inazuma weapon series. However, the Sumeru can be a bit difficult to find since they are so far off the beaten path and you don't get here in the main story.

How to unlock access to every new craftable Sumeru weapon in version 3.0Impacto Genshin.

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Table of contents

1) How to start the Arankaya quest line

2) Complete step 1 of the Arankaya quest line

3) Legacy to Vanarana

4) Unlock the Tree of Dreams

6) Sumeru Weapon Manufacturing

7) All Weapons of Sumeru

7.1) King's Squire (Bow)

7.2) Waldinsignien (Claymore)

7.3) Moonpiercer (This weapon)

7.4) Sapwood Blade (Sword)

7.5) Fruit of Conformity (Catalyst)

How to start the Arankaya quest line

The main quest that you must complete to gain access to Sumeru-made weaponsImpacto Genshinis calledArankaja. This is a multi-stage quest that you can find and complete while exploring Sumeru. Arankaya is a very important world quest as it opens up new areas of the map for you, gives you more tools to explore and gives you more opportunities to complete more side quests. could be compared toSakura Holy PurificationInazuma series of missions.

To start this quest you don't have to be that far in the Sumeru Archon main quest for it to unlock. Shortly after passing Ghandarva Ville, where you first meet Tighnari and Collei, you will find a way into the city of Sumeru. There should be a teleport waypoint next to a cliff that is near a waterfall. A blue quest marker should appear in this area on your map. Follow him and you will find a young forest warden who is being attacked by 3 fungi monsters.

Once you defeat them, a cutscene will play introducing you to this character. Her name is Frog, she is from the area and is an experienced forest ranger. You agree to help her with a few things as a thank you, and this will start the Arankaya Questline - Part 1.

starting point of the mission

Complete step 1 of the Arankaya quest line.

Next you need to complete the first set of quests in the Arankaya quest line. This includes following Rana through different parts of Sumeru, clearing some devastated areas and even visiting his hometown of Vimara Village. The children disappear upon entering the forest, only to reappear a few days later perfectly fine (though without their memories). His goal is to help Raya find out what's going on in town and with the kids.

At this point, you should realize that this quest chain is aboutArana, the small forest-dwelling creatures you should have seen in the Archon main quest. You may even have seen them in this place during your exploration. These little guys are a big part of the world and storytelling of Sumeru, so this quest set will help you explore the world in a much better way.

Eventually, you will face a Blighted Zone and a scouting plaza outside of town with Frog. Here you will see that one of the kids escaped into the forest and they almost get caught by some evil mushrooms. Frog risks subjecting himself to withering to save him. The first part of the quest should end when you find Rana trapped in a Dendro bubble before being greeted by an Aranara. This ends Part 1 of the Arankaya quest line.

Sumeru's beauty

Reach Vanarana

Part 2 ofImpacto GenshinThe Arankaya quest chain is when you finally get access to these new Sumeru weapons. At the start of the quest, an Aranara will ask you to retrieve a special instrument from one of Raya's family members so that she can break free from the Dendro protection she is under. This person is his grandfather and he will give you a lyre similar to Mondstadt.

This lyre is used in exploration puzzles and to advance the quest line, so it is very important. You will gradually learn more and more songs on the lyre as you search, these songs increasing the number of things you can explore outside of it.

After picking up the lyre, you will be transported far upstream until you reach theVissudha-LagerSumeru territory. Head towards the quest markers and eventually you'll find yourself in a new area called Vanarana - this area will be locked on the map at this point, so you won't be able to see where you're going.

Varanara map marker

Once you get there, you'll have to complete a series of challenges with your lyre to complete the mission. Then play the same song in front of a special seed. This puts you in the realm of dreams, in the real Vanarana.

A bunch of small Aranara are now waiting in this other world (as well as the Statue of the Seven for this area). Follow the rest of the quest until you encounter Araja, the leader of the Aranara.

After that, you will be given various objectives that you must complete in order for Aranara to move on and create Bija. However, we don't care about them at the moment. Instead we are looking for a specific quest from one of the Aranara namedtrees and dreams.

Unlock the Tree of Dreams

One of the Aranara gives you this quest and it is very important. He is responsible for unlocking the Sumeru equivalent of the Sakura Tree in Inazuma.

Just accept the quest and then follow the quest markers you get past Araja's house. This will bring you to a small cave in the back that you need to go through. The walls will be covered in stamina flowers for you to make a full jump.

Once you get there, you'll find thedream treeand the quest will complete itself. You can now exchange your Dendro Seals for new rewards and ranks in the tree, including objectives, tickets, leveling materials and more.

Once you've unlocked the tree, it's finally time to unlock those handcrafted weapons.

the tree of dreams

Purchase of the Sumeru Blueprints

Return to Vanarana of Dreams and go to the Tree of Dreams. When you get there, look around and you will find a small Aranara namedAravinay. This is your blueprint provider.

Talk to him and you can buy the blueprints for weapons made by SumeruImpacto Genshin. However, they want a special type of currency calledMemories. When you first talk to them, you'll likely only have one of those memories, so you can only buy one of those weapon blueprints.

In order to get more memories, you need to complete more of the Arankaya quest line, which now branches into different paths and different side quests. As you complete more and more of this quest, you will get more souvenirs and eventually you can buy them all. You will probably need to complete all of Aranara's main side quests to get all of the memories. This includes quests with a unique category in the Quests tab, such as the Apam Forest quest line.

Aranaras Waren

Here's how to get the blueprints for every weapon made by Sumeru, but what about crafting?

Sumeru Weapon Manufacturing

As with other weapon types, to craft any of these weapons at the Blacksmith you will need a blueprint and the necessary materials. However, Sumer's weapons are special.

These weapons require a new type of billet known asnorth map. These are black versions of regular banknotes that are usually off-white in color. These can drop from Sumeru bosses, but don't worry if you don't have one right now.

By going to the alchemy table and the transmutation page you can convert your regular banknotes into the new north banknotes using the same material used to change boss materials. You'll need enough tickets to do this, of course, but it's an easy way to get hold of the new weapons.

The following materials are required to craft each weapon:

  • Northern ticket for this type of weapon
  • 50 Crystal Shards
  • 50 pieces of white iron

When you have all of this, say hello to your new weapon.


All Weapons of Sumeru

Now that you know how to craft them, which weapon should you choose? Well, everyone is hereImpacto GenshinWeapon of Sumeru so you can decide for yourself.

King's Squire (Bow)

Issquire of the kingIt's the Sumeru Arch. Natively increases ATK by up to 55% at level 90.

Weapon Skill indicates that the equipped character gains the benefit of Lore of the Forest when casting an Elemental Burst or Elemental Skill. This buff increases elemental mastery by up to 140 points (on refinement 5) for 12 seconds. When the character leaves the field or the buff is depleted, up to 180% of his ATK detonates in an area around him.

This is a great bow for any new Dendro bow, Tighnari, or Collei wielder.

The king's squire

Waldinsignien (Claymore)

IsWaldinsignienIt's the Sumeru Claymore. Natively increases energy recharge by up to 30% at level 90.

Forest Regalia's ability states that after triggering a Dendro Reaction, a blade of awareness is created around the character for up to 10 seconds. When the blade is picked up, it grants the character 60 Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. This effect can still be activated if the character is not on the field and Blade of Awareness's effect cannot be stacked.

This looks like a good choice for any Electro or Pyro character currently on a Dendro Response Team (like Razor), and looks like it could pair well with the next 4-star Dori.

Moonpiercer (this weapon)

Ismoon drillIt's the Sumeru polearm. Natively increases Elemental Mastery by up to 110 points.

Moonpiercer's ability is similar to Forest Regalia or Sapwood Blade. After triggering a Dendro Reaction, a Rebirth Blade is created around the character for up to 10 seconds. When picked up, the blade grants the character 16% ATK for 12 seconds. Only 1 blade can be spawned this way and this effect can still be activated when the character is not on the field.

All new weapons.

Sapwood Blade (Sword)

IsSplintblattIt's the sword of Sumeru. Natively increases energy recharge by up to 30% at level 90.

Sapwood Blade's ability is the same as Forest Regalia's. After one of Dendro's reactions is activated, a blade of awareness is created around the character for up to 10 seconds. When the blade is picked up, it grants the character 60 Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds. This effect can still be activated if the character is not on the field and Blade of Awareness's effect cannot be stacked.

This is a very good choice for Dendro Traveler who is already pretty strong but could be even better with this sword.

the sapwood

Fruit of Fulfillment (Catalyst)

Finally, thatfruit of conformityit is the Sumeru catalyst. Increases native energy recharge by 45%.

Fruit of Fulfillment's ability is that you get the Wax and Wane buff after an elemental reaction is triggered. You gain 24 Elemental Mastery while losing 5% of your ATK. For every 0.3 seconds you can gain 1 stack of wax and fade up to a maximum of 5 stacks. For every 6 seconds that pass without triggering an elemental reaction, 1 stack is lost.

How to Unlock All Sumeru Weapons in Version 3.0 ofImpacto Genshin.

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