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Forge recipes allow you to forge powerful items and weapons from ore. This is what you can create and what uses each item has.

Genshin Impact: Every Blacksmith Recipe (1)

Forge Recipes are free items that any player can easily access and craftImpacto Genshin. To forge items you need to collect minerals all over the map. To help with this, you can refer tothe mineral farming guide here.

The ore can then be crafted into various types of items, including weapons for those who gatherweekly boss fight prototypes. Like many things in the game, most blacksmithing recipes need to be unlocked.

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Players should also keep in mind that forging an item takes time, although completion time may vary. Here you have all the recipes that you can make with the forge.

Updated August 13, 2021 by Jessica Thomas: One of the best resources you can use in Genshin Impact is the Forge. If you go to a blacksmith in the game, you can use the mined ore to create a variety of excellent products. You'll also find and obtain various useful blueprints throughout the game, including treasure compasses and four-star weapons.

One of the friendlier and freer parts of the game, the Forge is a resource you must use to keep a constant supply of Enchanter Ore to upgrade your weapon. The following guide details the craftable recipes currently in the game and how they work.

magic ore

Genshin Impact: Every Blacksmith Recipe (2)

You can craft a special type of ore called enchantment ore. This ore comes in three different sizes and can be crafted from base materials such as iron and crystal. It is its functionhelps you level up weapons easilywithout the need to collect lower levels through exploration and dragging. The different versions are:

  • improvement ore
  • fine improvement ore
  • mystical enhancement ore

SimplyTake your ore to the blacksmith and place your order. The rarer ore will produce a higher quality enchantment ore. It will be ready for pickup shortly afterwards.

Craftable special items

Genshin Impact: Every Blacksmith Recipe (3)

Special items must be unlocked through various means in the game. some will bein connection with the City Reputation System, while others are attached to in-game missions. You can find it and where.


Item Usage

Anemos Schatzkompass

The Anemo Compass is a reward for raising the reputation of the city of Mondstadt to 6. You can use the compass to point your way to the treasure chests in Mondstadt. A glowing path will appear towards the chest, and if there is no one around, the compass will go into a short cooldown mode.

Geo Treasure Compass

The Geo-Compass works the same as the Anemo, but is obtained by reaching level six in the Liyue City reputation system.

Electrotreasure Kompass

The Electric Compass is a Reputation City reward from Inazuma City, used to find Inazuma Treasure Chests.

NRE (Menu 30)

The NRE Pocket Recipe is a reward for reaching level five of the City Reputation System in Mondstadt. In the bag you can place two different foods, one to revive and one to heal. The bag can be equipped for quick food, which is a huge help during elemental boss fights, especially in co-op when the game doesn't stop when entering your menu.

Adept Finder's Stove

The Adept Seeker's Cooker is awarded upon reaching reputation level 5 in Liyue. The Stove can be used to create a cooking spot almost anywhere on the map. Just avoid getting into the fight and you'll be able to cook up some tasty dishes. The cooker is disposable, so it's best to make several if possible.


The Windcatcher Recipe is the reward for reaching level three of the Mondstadt reputation system. Capable of capturing the small wind spirits that can be found around the map, this bottle can hold up to five charges. These charges can be used to create a wind current to climb mountains faster or reach collectibles.

hot water bottle

The Hot Water Bottle is a recipe obtained by leveling the Frost Tree to level four. The bottle can help fight the freezing cold by summoning a fake Fire Seelie to warm up your character.

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craftable weapons

Genshin Impact: Every Blacksmith Recipe (4)

There are loads of free four-star weapons, all of which come from crafting. Some recipes are obtained by completing quests, while others are available from the start of the region.

weapon name

weapon details

compound bow

The Composite Bow has a base attack stat of 41 with 15% bonus physical damage as a secondary stat.

growing pike

Crescent Pike has a base attack stat of 44 with an additional 7.5% physical damage as a secondary stat. When a player charges an elemental particle, attacks deal 20% more damage for 5 seconds. Hitting an enemy increases Attack by 4% and Speed ​​by 1.2% up to four stacks.

Dragonthorn Spear

The Dragonbarbed Spear can be obtainedfrom the Strange Tooth quest in Dragonspine. The Polearm has a base Attack stat of 41 with a secondary stat that grants characters 15% additional Physical Damage. In addition, hitting enemies with a non-elemental attack has a 60% chance to form an icicle and fall down, dealing cryogenic damage in the area of ​​effect.

ice cream

The Frostbearer Catalyst is another Dragonspine weapon that has a base Attack of 42 and gives you a 9% Attack bonus as a secondary ability. Like the Dragonspine Spear, it has a 60% chance to drop an icicle.

iron spike

The Iron Sting Sword is a Liyue weapon with a base Attack of 42 and a secondary stat that grants 36 Elemental Mastery. The sword increases elemental damage by 6% for 6 seconds after hitting an enemy with an elemental attack. This can be stacked twice.


The Mappa Mare Catalyst has a base attack stat of 44 and grants 24 elemental mastery points for its second stat. The weapon deals a bonus 8% elemental damage that can stack twice when you trigger a reaction.

Prototype Amber

The Amber Prototype is a Catalyst with a base Attack of 42 and a 9% increase in his second stat's health. If you use a burst, you will restore 12 elemental energy and 12% health in six seconds.

archaic prototype

The Archaic Prototype is a Claymore with a base Attack of 44 and 6% more Attack as a secondary stat. Basic attacks have a 50% chance to deal an additional 240% splash damage every 15 seconds.

Crescent Prototype

The Prototype Crescent is a bow with a base attack of 22 and a secondary stat that increases attack by 9%. Hitting an enemy with a charged shot increases speed by 10% and attack by 36% every ten seconds.

Despite the prototype

The Prototype Grudge is a polearm with a base attack of 42 and a secondary stat that increases energy recharge by 10%. Whenever you use an elemental ability, basic attacks gain 8% bonus damage for 12 seconds, stacking twice.

Despite the prototype

The Rancor Prototype Sword has a base attack stat of 44 and a 7.5% physical damage bonus to its secondary stat. When enemies are hit by a non-elemental attack, they gain a 4% boost to both Attack and Defense that stacks up to 4 times.

Stellar Silver Snowy Grave

The Snow-Tombed Starsilver is a Claymore with a base Attack of 44 and a secondary stat that grants 7.5% bonus Physical Damage. Like the other Dragonspine weapons, it has a 60% chance to summon a cryogenic icicle to damage enemies.

blind to white

Whiteblind Claymore is a Liyue weapon with a base attack of 42 and increases Defense by 11.3% as a secondary stat. Using a non-elemental attack gives the player a 6% attack and damage boost that stacks up to 4 times.

Amenoma Kageuchi

The Kageuchi Anenoma has a base attack of 42 and a secondary stat that gives your character 12% more attack. The sword grants successor seeds after attacks, which are used when you use your elemental ability or explode to charge your energy meter by two energy each.


The Hamayumi has a base attack value of 42 and gives you a 12% attack bonus. Normal Attack is increased by 16% and Charged Attack is increased by 12%. When your character's energy is full, this effect will be 100% stronger.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa has a base attack stat of 43 with a 10% energy recharge bonus. Elemental damage is increased by 6%. Hitting an enemy with your elemental attack loses three energy, but gains two energy every two seconds for six seconds.


The Hakushin Ring deals 44 base damage and gives you 6.7% energy recharge. If used while triggering a base Electric Reaction, you and all nearby party members gain 10% additional elemental damage for 6 seconds.

win crossed spear

Kitan Cross Spear has a base attack stat of 44 and gives you an additional 24 elemental mastery points. Your character takes 6% more elemental damage. When an enemy is hit by an elemental attack, you lose three energy, but gain two energy every two seconds for six seconds.

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