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Dehya is a 5 star hotelachievedClaymore character debuting in the firstGenshin Impact-Bannerfrom update 3.5. This guide tobest compilation genshin impact dehyaexplains the best weapons, artifact sets, constellations, and team builds for Dehya.

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  • how to get dehya
  • Dehya Gameplay Overview
    • Dehya attack combos
    • Dehya-Talent-Discussion
    • Dehya constellation analysis
    • Dehya weapon ratings
    • Dehya's Best Artifacts
    • Dehyas best Teams

how to get dehya

Dehya first debuted in the limited banner in Genshin Impact Patch 3.5. It has occasional repeats, but can also be obtained from any 3.6+ banner, albeit with much lower pull chances.

Genshin Dehya Gameplay Overview

  • Element:achieved
  • Arma:Claymore
  • Rarity:5 Sterne

Dehya's true role on a team is ambiguous. On the one hand,the mostin The FieldDamage comes from your burst, which depends on 8 or more seconds of field time in one revolution. However,His ability is mostly useful as a support optionto provide interrupt resistance, damage mitigation, and slow application of pyro to trigger burgeon reactions more easily.However, this ability only works if Dehya isfrom the field, and requires a completely different stats setup.

For more information on why a good primary school application is important, visit myComplete Guide to Elemental Reactions.

So it's safe to say that Dehya is a flexible character (role wise), more akin to the role of a tank in other RPGs. However, due to various limitations of his gear, including damage numbers, his viable team comps are low at 3.5 and up.

As aDPS off-road, Dehya struggles to fill the role properly unless she gets various buffs from characters like Bennett and Kazuha. Dehya is comparable to Klee in this role in terms of damage output, although Klee doesn't share Dehya's high 200% energy recharge requirements to function. Many currently existing 4-star characters can deal equal or greater damage than Dehya. constellations in Dehya,which are easier to get by joining the standard 5 star pool, fix this problem.

As aDPS fora do campo, Dehya ignores all aspects of his kit and only uses his Skill for Pyro app to trigger Burgeon Reactions. This is comparatively viable in terms of damage output, assuming you're stacking nothing but Elemental Mastery on top of Dehya and not the typical ATK%/DMG%/CRIT% build.

Another problem is thatDehya's burst attacks do not synergize with powerful Pyro DPS assistson other elements like Yelan, Xingqiu, and Beidou, which further limits their viable use cases.

Finally, Dehya can only be played as a dedicated supportFocus on your resistance to interferenceIt gives your teammates damage reduction and pyro application, as well as buffs from artifact or weapon sets. This is the lowest possible investment option and completely ignores its damage potential.

Genshin Dehya attack combos

Dehya's damage multipliers for her basic attacks arelowerthan even the worst 4 stars in the game like Xinyan (another Pyro Claymore user). As such it isIt is not recommended to use normal attacksfor the harm of Dehya.


when you playDehya in the field, You want toUse the first "half" of your skill(more on that later),Switch to other teammates to activate buffs, ThenWechseln Sie zurück zu Dehya for the second half of your skill, followed by herexplodes.

while playingDehya from the field, just use itCapability, and just enough to keep themPiro applicationgo. You can use the second half of your skillReposition your sphere of influencefor pyro application.

Genshin Dehya Talentdiskussion

Normal Attack: Charge Attack

As previously mentioned, Dehya's basic attacks aren't just worse than 4 stars for a Claymore wielder. They are among the lowest multipliers for this weapon class in the game. You won't have much success using them except in exceptional circumstances.

Elemental Ability: Molten Inferno

Dehya's ability hastwo halves, which are distinct from two "charges" when using a skill.

Öfirst halfthe skill deals Pyro damage and creates an area of ​​effect called Fiery Sanctum. Fiery Sanctum has a duration of 12 seconds and performs attacks every 2.5 seconds that coordinate with your active character's attacks. Each timed attack applies a pyro unit to the enemy. This damage scales with its ATK and (to a lesser extent) HP.

Ösecond timedeals a separate, stronger instance of Pyro damage and moves the fiery sanctuary to Dehya's current location. This does not affect your ability's cooldown and can be used at any time during Fiery Sanctum's duration. It's primarily used to reposition the Fiery Sanctum as your enemies move around the stage.

While the Fiery Sanctum is active, Dehya, whenfrom the field, takes some of the damage meant for your teammates and heals at the same time. Damage is dealt to her over a longer period of time instead of all at once. It also prevents your active character from being interrupted by attacks.

The damage here is honestly underwhelming, but in a full EM build, Dehya can spawn powerful burgeon reactions. Despite its low damage output, leveling and leveling up this talent is highly recommended.Firstif you only use your Elemental Mastery build for burgeon reactions.

Elemental Blast: Leonine Bite

Dehya throws her Claymore aside to smack enemies with her bare fists. Its animation lasts about 2 seconds, and then for 4 seconds, Dehya can hit up to 10 times. After those 4 seconds are up, Dehya performs a final (and flashy) kick attack that also takes almost 2 seconds to use.

Since his burst is an extended animation, it can be canceled by jumping. Be careful not to accidentally cancel it!

While Dehya is in burst mode, Fiery Sanctum's duration will pause and resume when Dehya ends her burst.


Most of his damage (70+%) comes from this talent, so it's highly recommended to level this talent first in most cases.

Dehya's Burst applies 1 unit of Pyro to the default internal cooldown. For more information about CDI, see myComplete Guide to Elemental Reactions.

Passive First Ascent: Tireless Aid

Whenever Dehya uses her burst or the second half of her ability, Dehya takes 60% reduced damage from her Bodyguard effect once every 2 seconds over 6 seconds while in Fiery Sanctum.

For 9 seconds after placing a fiery sanctuary, the active character still hasmoreBreak resistance within the field.

This passive mainly makes the Dehya Tank more difficult for your team and prevents your active character from being knocked out by enemies. It's pretty handy, and you'll naturally unlock it anyway.

Fourth Passive Ascension: Sturdy and true

Below 40%, Dehya will regenerate health quickly. First, a burst of 20% Max HP is restored. Then Dehya restores an additional 6% of her maximum HP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. This happens once every 20 seconds.

Another Ascension talent that makes Dehya better at scoring hits for the team and further bolsters his support abilities.

Passive Use: The Sunny Path

If Dehya is in your team during the day, you will run faster!

Analysis of the constellation Genshin Dehya

Dehya's constellations are key to getting Dehya up to the same damage level as other DPS characters. This is unfortunate as constellations are usually nice "extra" bonuses. For Dehya, they feel almost necessary for success in difficult environments, like a band-aid to fix a poorly designed kit.

constellation nameShort in-game descriptionNuts
C1. The Burning FlameMax HP +20% for Dehya. She also adds 3.6% Max HP Scaling to her Skill and 6% Max HP Scaling to her Burst.Over 25% increased damage. Extremely valuable for damage-oriented builds. It would be worth using an HP% Sands artifact.
C2. The Shining SandbladesIncreases the duration of Fiery Sanctum by 6 seconds. When attacking teammates, Fiery Sanctum's next damage is increased by 50%.Less than 10% increased damage. Primogems aren't worth spending, but nothing to complain about.
C3. A quick rage like fireIncrease burst talent level by 3.Performance increase of approx. 10%.
C4. fulfill an oathAttacks cast during Dehya's burst restore her energy and health every 0.2 seconds.By allowing Dehya to build up less Energy Charge to function, Dehya can use more stats on offensive stats
C5. The unleashed alphaIncreases skill level by 3.Mediocre. It's not worth it.
C6. The burning claws separateExplosion CRIT rate increased by 10%. Each CRIT hit during Dehya's Burst adds 15% CRIT DMG to Burst Attacks. Maximum CRIT DMG gain is 60%A huge DPS increase. It's definitely worth it if you're willing to shell out the ridiculous amount of Primogems it requires.

Genshin Dehya weapon reviews

Dehya has two separate weapon classifications depending on whether you build Dehya as one.DPS off-road(which improves with Constellations) or asfrom the field(Burgeon) support.


Let's start with the firstin The FieldConventional Dehya Construction.

weapon nameShort in-game descriptionNuts
Lighthouse on the Red Sea33.1% CRIT Rate Ability hits increase Dehya's ATK by 20% for 8 seconds. Taking damage from Dehya increases Dehya's ATK by 20% for 8 seconds. When not shielded, HP +32%Mainly only 40% ATK and 32% HP. No other frills. Head and shoulders above the competition, but the impact isn't exactly exciting.
Redhorn Stonethreher88.2% CRIT DMG Honestly, the passive doesn't matter to Dehya. Just equip it for the massive 88% CRIT DMG bonus.Just a big CRIT DMG stat bar, but best for Noelle or Itto.
Akuoumaru (R5)Increases Burst DMG based on the total Energy cost of Bursts across the group.In most team comps, this is stronger than any other 5-star weapon option. Wolf's Gravestone and The Unforged lag this weapon at R5, but become competitive picks if you only have Akuoumaru at R3.
Espada Grande de FavoniusOn CRIT hits, there is a 60-100% (R1-R5) chance to generate energy motes for the team.Not the best for damage, but a powerful option for managing your own and your team's energy needs. Favonius weapons make power-hungry teams work when they otherwise wouldn't.
Other 5-star weaponsGives Mika 3 energy for up to five bursts of healing from her burst.Reduces Mika's energy charge requirements by an enormous amount. Aim for 150% now
Other CRIT stat weaponsBlackcliff Slayer; spine of the snakeSerpent's Ridge would be placed higher if Dehya's passive did so, so she could never hold Serpent's Ridge's stacks. CRIT stats are the hardest to come up with, so it's a good idea to look them up. Blackcliff Slasher is free from Paimon's bargain.
Free and/or craftable weaponsLuxurious Lord of the Sea, Katsuragakiri Nagamasa; and Archaic Prototype (in order of best to worst)The minimum. Sea-Lord is event-free. Katsuragikiri Nagamasa helps manage Dehya's energy needs at high refinements, and Prototype Archaic can be obtained fairly early in the game.

the Dehyain The FieldOptions focus onThe raw statistics barin Dehya, be it ATK, HP, CRIT or ER.from the fieldWeapons, on the other hand, focus exclusively onMastery-Elementary, and no other weapons should be considered for off-field builds (except maybe Favonius Greatsword).

weapon nameShort in-game descriptionNuts
Aquamarin MakhairaConverts a portion of the equipped character's Elemental Mastery to Fixed ATK and shares 30% of this Fixed ATK increase with the party.Best in the slot only because it offers some team buffs. In personal injury, it is only about 2% behind Mailed Flower.
Sent Flower (R5)When skill hits opponent +24% ATK and +96 Elemental Mastery for 8 seconds.Best for personal injury, but not much. Any buff that can be given to the team is likely to be more valuable, but it's a good choice. No events 3.5.
rain slasherIncreases DMG against enemies affected by Hydro or ElectroNearly identical damage as the 3-star bloodstained greatsword. Choose between the two based on your team if you don't have the limited Aquamarine or exclusive Mailed Flower event.
Bloodstained GreatswordIncreases the DMG dealt to enemies affected by Pyro or ElectroNearly identical damage as the 4-star Rainslasher. Choose between the two based on your team if you don't have the limited Aquamarine or exclusive Mailed Flower event. The easiest weapon to acquire, even when starting over in the game. Even as the lowest-performing option, the full EM Dehya still competes with the C0 in the Dehya field with its signature weapon.

Genshin Dehyas best Artifact

As with weapons, there are two best categories of artifacts. one toin The Fieldand one forfrom the field.

in The Field

  • Sand – ER% or ATK% (HP% after C1)
    • Make sure you reach 200% energy charge before trading your sand for ATK or HP.
  • Kelch – Pyro-DMG%-Bonus
  • Circlet - CRIT (Taxa oder DMG)
    • Choose which diadem to use based on what gives you half the CRIT rate as CRIT DMG. The ideal CRIT ratio is 75% CR to 150% CD

from the field

  • Sands - Elemental Mastery
  • Chalice - Elemental Mastery
  • Diadem - Elemental Mastery

The reviews

Artifact set nameShort in-game descriptionNuts
4-piece Severed Destiny Emblem2 pieces: Energy charge +20%
4pc: Gain % Burst Damage equal to 25% of your Energy Cooldown.
The only viable option for a damage-oriented Dehya build.
4-part firewalker2 pieces: Fire resistance increased by 40%
4pc: +35% DMG against enemies affected by Pyro
Can only be used in Mono Pyro teams, where you always deal damage to enemies with Pyro. Still a good 5-10% worse than Severed Fate
Multiple sets of 2 pieces for damageCombine 2-piece sets from Crimson Witch, Noblesse Oblige, and 18% ATK sets.minimum damage.
4 pieces of golden dreams2pc: +80 EM4pc: For each character on the team that shares an element with the equipped character, +14% ATK. For each character that doesn't, +50 EM.FULLY BUILT ONLY. Virtually identical in efficiency compared to Flower.
4 units Lost Flower of Paradise2 units: +80EM
4 pcs: +40% (Hyper)Bloom/Burgeon damage. Each occurrence of these reactions increases this effect by an additional 25%, up to four stacks.
FULLY BUILT ONLY. Virtually identical in efficiency to Gilded.
4 Millelith's Tenacity2s: HP +20% 4s: Whenever a skill hits opponents, the team's ATK increases by 20% (max. 20%) for 3 seconds.RELATED SUPPORT BUILDINGS ONLY. A team-wide buff that has nearly full uptime in a rotation. Only useful if you don't mind Dehya's damageno wayin field damage or reaction damage.

Genshin Dehya's best teams

Dehya teams focus on one aspect of their skills, but each role is largely limited to viable teammates.

in The FieldDehya-Teams

For example in relation toin The FieldDamage, there are only two main teams to consider.



[Favonius Greatsword Required]


[Favonius Lance recommended]


In a mono pyro team,Kazuhabuffs all other Pyro party members with his burst and enemy debuffs with 4pc Viridescent Veneer.Bennettheals and boosts the team's attack to astronomical levels andXianglingIt's the off-field DPS that essentially any team can carry as long as their energy needs are met. Luckily, Bennett does an excellent job here. Xiangling deals the most damage to the team, but this independently maximizes Dehya's personal damage.

On a Melt teamAyakaDehya's Burst deals incredible damage, especially when buffed by Bennett, and provides enough Cryo use for Dehya's Burst to (literally) pierce Ayaka's Blizzard and deal massive Fusion Damage on her attacks.rosaryadds Cryo to this app, dealing respectable reverse melt damage and spawning constant Cryo Particles to ensure Ayaka can use her burst consistently. As always, Bennett is the glue that holds the team together and attacks Dehya. Note that Dehya and Ayaka are extremely energy hungry, hence Favonius' weaponsmandatorymanage energy costs.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Hydro characters useful enough to create vaporization reactions with Dehya (worth using in Melt).

from the fieldDehya-Teams

From here we can consider Burgeon teams.

Dehyaa hydro characterA dendro characterA healer (preferably Hydro or Dendro)
  • hydropower options
    • Way,Xingqiu,Ayato(in The Field)Kokomi
  • Dendros Picks
    • nahida,Alhaitham(in The Field)Yaoyao,Colleagues,Dendro Traveler
  • The healer's choice
    • Kokomi,Barbar,Yaoyao

Yelan and Xingqiu are both viable options on this team since Dehya doesn't need to use her burst. They are the natural choice to use Hydro on enemies frequently. A healer is a must, as your characters also take burgeon damage, and even with skillful play, a team isn't going to survive the Spiral Abyss without a healer. Finally, at least one Dendro character is required to spawn the Burgeon Reaction. Nahida increases the active character's Elemental Mastery, while Alhaitham can focus on damageeUsing Dendro on the field to "lead" the team. Yaoyao provides healing and Collei and Dendro Traveler are good healers.

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