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Caddick Davies Motoring Advogados

Caddick Davies are specialist traffic offenses lawyers offering advice and representation in all aspects of motorsport. We are traffic solicitors based in Liverpool and central London and are here to help you if you are charged with a traffic offence.

Providing national coverage and representation for all major cities in England and Wales including:


Details of the areas of law in which Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors can assist you can be found on their website.

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League for Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors0845 467 4007

office location

  • Trinity Street, 83
    St. Hughs House Nr. 3. Stock

    L20 3AZ

  • Telephone:0845 467 4007
  • Website

Our areas of law

  • Criminal law
  • traffic offences

Caddick Davies Motoring Lawyers | lawyers (1)



Paul Finney

13 months ago

I am delighted that I was recommended to use Caddick Davies as they helped me reverse a driving ban I received. Neil Davies was excellent, very knowledgeable and professional. There are good people out there who can help and Neil Davies is one of them. Thanks again ??

James Clare

14 months ago

Great service and result from Caddick Davies. Neil represented us in court and was actively assisted by Lawrence in day-to-day matters. Highly recommended

Ben Smith

14 months ago

Absolutely useless, pointless, in Crown Court, computer froze missing vital parts that might help, asked for all sorts of things that didn't help, clueless and absolute waste of money, better do it yourself, the original person who took the case, came out and passed it on to someone else then bailiffs all for damage control this was a traffic offense no drink driving no drug use just add it up so don't get your hopes up

Diana Fairhurst

17 months ago

I called for the first time today about speeding as I have never been in that position in over 40 years of driving. The advice was professional and extremely helpful and enabled me to deal with the problem. They were in no way trying to monetize the situation and told me I needed more than their advice over the phone. Would recommend Caddick Davies to anyone in a similar position

Sam from the 90's

17 months ago

Best service at the best price I cannot thank Caddick service enough for the professional expertise and help they have brought me. Dalia Green was excellent with the help and advice she gave me. I was in the last week before my hearing and they came and represented Molly Dyas She looked like she was going to go away from me at first as I never saw her come back but she came back and the advice and information she received from Dalia , helped me get the best positive result from the conviction and disqualification I would have faced and I just want to say thank you and recommend the excellent service.

Phillip Brough

17 months ago

Very professional

Lewis 1989

20 months ago

I cannot praise this absolutely outstanding company enough and would highly recommend them. Diana was brilliant and went above and beyond and I want to thank her and Neil Davies for all their hard work and dedication. Thanks again to everyone

Daniel Baxendale

25 months ago

I have contacted Caddick Davies for help and advice regarding my driving ban. After speaking to Daniel he was very confident in lifting my ban for me. Daniel successfully lifted my driving ban. I was very pleased with the way Daniel handled my case. I would recommend anyone who needs help with motor vehicle law to consult Caddick Davies

James McClelland

25 months ago

A real professional service. A thorough knowledge of the law and its procedures, ensuring you receive the best representation and ultimately the best outcome. I knew immediately that I had chosen the right company and my expectations were met! My advice is: Don't leave legal situations to chance, always seek professional advice.


25 months ago

I contacted this law firm after finding them on Google and seeing their good reviews. I filed a speeding case and was told they could help. It looked very promising. I was told I would receive a call once they reviewed the case to discuss options. A week later, after several phone calls asking about Thomas, who I originally spoke to, I have had no reply or confirmation of my emails. When I finally got through to Thomas, I received no explanation or apology. I asked Thomas why I didn't have an answer he didn't have an answer to and said my emails must have been lost (I mean if these people can't keep communication easy and get back to prospects I think about it (see how they would handle a case!) Not knowing what to tell me he was very rudely transferred to another colleague in the office who in turn was very rude and didn't admit he wasted my time. I was told I wanted to use them or not! Absolutely appalled at the way I was spoken to. I would strongly recommend not using this unprofessional company! I normally never leave bad reviews, but I felt this should be said as it is unacceptable for these law firms to treat potential paying clients in this way.

Gurpal Atwal

25 months ago

What can I say, I just sound like a bunch of salespeople telling us what we want to hear. Neither are lawyers, they use a job board to give lawyers jobs and are very blunt and threatening when it comes to payments. I would not recommend it to anyone or anything in this case. Rude staff, I called them to follow up and update, not the way things should have been.

Gez Gez

25 months ago

If you are looking for a lawyer, look no further. I have never met such honest and helpful people. I recently got a speeding ticket and was in court at 47mph on the Autobahn when the signs changed to 40mph. As I wasn't sure what to do and was looking for a challenge. You guide me through the options. Make everything easy to understand, help me solve my problem with only general advice. Many attorneys I've used in the past are quick to charge fees without giving much advice. I would highly recommend this company and if you are looking for legal assistance I would suggest giving them a call. These really good people didn't even ask for a penny. With this company you are in safe and reliable hands.

James Dunn

25 months ago

I contacted Caddick Davies when the DVLA decided to remove the rights from my license due to a medical issue. Daniel took my case and was very professional in gathering all the information I needed to appeal. I was kept informed throughout the appeals process by Daniel who was instrumental in winning my case and regaining my full license. I would have no problem referring Caddick Davies to anyone who needs her.

Immogen Schneidlebach

25 months ago

Very discriminatory towards people with autism and other hidden disabilities. Completely disrespectful to other lawyers. The team may not be lawyers, advising and pressuring you to pay the bills before convincing you that you want to hire them and threatening to close the case if you don't pay now. Conviction due to Covid 19 for more than 4 months came with a crazy story offering names of lawyers from other law firms used no record of them ever being law firms or lawyers hence court officials. absolutely no emails or evidence that they have done any legal work or received any letters or notices from the court. Avoid as the plague call can make the affidavit in person without a lawyer!

Ian Robertson

25 months ago

I contacted this company after finding them on google and found their service very efficient and they got me out of my driving ban and would definitely recommend their services

Andrew Hall

25 months ago

Neil Davis represented me at Preston Magistrates for speeding. I cannot praise him enough for his competence and professionalism.

Lyndsey Ryan

25 months ago

Very helpful, really great service. They know what they're doing, I recommend it.

habe and

25 months ago

Nice areaVery nice

Nick Clapson

25 months ago

Michael Greve

25 months ago

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